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Run Little Wolf (The Forest Pack Series Book 1)

Run Little Wolf (The Forest Pack Series Book 1)

    Product Details

  • Product code: B078LHCNKY
  • Author: G. Bailey
  • Binding: Kindle Edition
  • Tags: run wolf forest series book


Ever heard the saying, never follow the big bad wolf into the woods?
Well, I wish I had listened to Little Red Riding Hoods advice.

One bite. That's all it took to turn Harper into a wolf and change her entire life.
Turning eighteen was meant to be a fun night out, a party in the woods to celebrate with friends, but it ends in disaster.
Harper wakes up in a car, on her way to a pack of wolves; ones she must live with. The sexy and alluring alpha welcomes her, declaring her his mate. Only Harper’s best friend, a vampire she grew up with, tells her she belongs with him.
Now, Harper must keep her mates from destroying each other. Can there be a happy ending for them all?

To make matters worse, the wolves are at war with other kinds of shifters. When one of them turns up, demanding she is their mate, will her alpha, who she rejected, fight for her?

Will the vampire, who loves her, help her pack?

18+ menage romance.

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